Adam Hill

Web Developer

Low Head, Tasmania

I'm a full-stack web developer, Ruby on Rails rockstar, Cloud Computing connoisseur, jQuery juggernaut, crack CoffeeScripter, SASS sensation and the most rapid of rapid prototypers.

I deliver my clients' tech start-ups kicking and screaming into the world wide web.

I've been freelancing full-time since 2004 and love the freedom along with the amazing variety of work: development, design, copywriting, project management, SEO, consulting, business strategy, marketing, tech sup...

Always Golfing :: tech co-founder, web designer & developer

  • Homepage
  • The founders: Nick, Ben and myself.

The Collection Room :: Tech Co-Founder, full stack development, launching soon!

  • Collectors connected early-bird signup

MathsRepublic :: developer, system architect, admin

  • MathsRepublic homepage
  • Student problem view
  • Student problems list
  • Student dashboard
  • Student problem complete summary
  • Teacher's class & task management
  • Teacher problems list with filtering
  • Teacher problem detail view

Australian War Memorial, London :: HTML5 website (based on previous Flash app) - full-stack development & design elements

  • Detail pages with fullscreen background image slideshow
  • Interactive wall demo with clickable battle names for info popups
  • Custom Google Maps colorisation and clustering with info popups
  • Battle detail pages including world map & wall locator, slideshow and videos

Fahan School :: whole school website full-stack development, custom Content Management System

  • Fahan homepage
  • Banners administration for homepage
  • Administration dashboard
  • Page administration index
  • Public calendar
  • Fahan staff
  • People administration
  • Photo library administration

Workrz - Online rostering for casual staff :: prototype app that won "Most Potential to Monetize" in Rails Rumble 2010

  • Workrz pre-registration
  • Winner of Chargify's

Brands for the People - Connecting Designers with Startup Companies :: design integration, web development, app UX design

  • New BFTP long-scrolling homepage with multiple call-to-actions
  • Free Branding Tools
  • Branding & varketing videos duplicated on vlog from YouTube channel
  • Branding & marketing quotes for Pinterest integration
  • Article detail page

BioClinical Services :: full-stack development & design of the responsive Clinical Equipment User Manual Library application

  • Homepage
  • Hospitals map
  • Hospitals list with filtering
  • Clinical Equipment User Manual Library

CubeSMS :: design & development of their bulk SMS web application

  • CubeSMS site design by me
  • User dashboard
  • SOAP tests via the web interface. This is a great addition and has saved developers countless hours of testing.
  • Super-user section for overall account, user, purchases and pricing settings. Also enables superuser to log in as any user.

Where My Friends At?! :: past project that combined the location-based activites of major social networks (before FB had a map)

  • Where My Friends At - a map of all your friends' checkins on one map
  • World view; click on clusters to zoom in or click a person's face to get more info on their checkin and link to their profile
  • More clustering; click to zoom

Forestry Tasmania :: full custom Content Management System creation and design integration from Jaffa

  • FT homepage pulling out masses of information from the CMS
  • Page tree administration
  • Map administration - updating details of a destination
  • Dynamic flash map - gets information from CMS via XML
  • Admin homepage
  • FT shops admin - eat your heart out Shopify!
  • Island Specialty Timbers homepage - all dynamic from FT CMS
  • An individual product within the IST shop
  • A category within the Seed Centre online store
  • An individual product within the Seed Centre online shop

Launceston Church Grammar School :: Solo web developer for whole school CMS from 2005-2013

  • LCGS homepage
  • LCGS search
  • Events administration
  • RSVPing for events; includes associated payments to events that need payment
  • Newsletter administration - note multiple newsletters, multiple editions per newsletter and multiple articles per edition
  • School newsletter - one of many newsletters in the CMS
  • Pool newsletter - yet another different template
  • LCGS auctions administration

Direct Design :: design integration of several websites for the talented team in Launceston

  • Agfest site CMS implementation using design by Direct Design
  • CMS implementation with design from Direct Design
  • CMS implementation with design from Direct Design

Kreglinger Wine Estates

  • Dynamic flash site. Flash front-end gets information from database. Revolutionary at the time.
  • Dynamic flash online shop
  • More dynamic flash content

A personal touch.

  • I live/work at Low Head. Why? It's amazing. And FTTH coming soon...
  • From Boston when working from the IEC for The Collection Room
  • During my time in New York for The Collection Room
  • Mobile office. Complete with laptop. Batteries not included.
  • Golfing at Low Head. One of the inspirations behind me getting involved with Always Golfing Pty Ltd